Community League Development Program

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The foundation of the Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association (SPMBA) is the Community League (CL) Development Program. This program provides an opportunity for young athletes between the ages of 4 and 18 to experience the fun of playing baseball. Development of basic skills is fostered by providing free coaching clinics to our CL coaches and assistants, as well as ensuring that quality equipment and playing facilities are provided.

The CL program seeks to uphold the philosophy of the SPMBA, which is "To foster and encourage the growth and enjoyment of the sport of baseball by teaching the value of sportsmanship, skills and competition."  Participation in the CL program is determined by age category. Please go to CL Division for more information.

DivisionYear of BirthRegistration FeeRaffle Fundraising Fee*Evaluation FeeCapital Savings Levy**Total Due at RegistrationnotesNights of PlayTimes
5U Blast Ball2017, 2018$50$100No Evaluations$10$160.00Tues, Thurs5:45pm-6:45pm
7U Rally Cap2015, 2016$160$100No Evaluations$10$270.00Tues, Thurs6:00pm-7:30pm
7U Rally Cap Plus2015, 2016$230$100No Evaluations$10$340.00Rally Cap plus is our newest program that allows our 7U players to be on the field more often. Teams will be formed and will still play in the normal Tuesday and Thursday league, but then will have additional practices and games on Mondays. Coaches may also have optional practices above and beyond the three nights.Mon, Tues, Thurs, 6:00pm-7:30pm
9U Rookie 2013, 2014$235$100Included$10$345.00Mon, Wed6:30pm-8pm
9U Rookie Plus2013, 2014$305$100Included$10$415.00Rookie plus is our newest program that allows our 9U players to be on the field more often. Teams will be formed and will play in a more competitive Monday, Wednesday, Thursday league. Coaches may also have optional practices above and beyond the three nights. Mon, Wed, Thurs6:30pm-8pm
11U2011, 2012$295$100Included$10$405.00I am new to 11U, can you explain how it works? Scroll over here! Click Here for InformationTues, Thurs6:30pm-8:30pm
11U YEGA2011, 2012$295$100$25$10$425.00I am new to 11U, can you explain how it works? Scroll over here! Click Here for InformationVaries Mon-Thurs6:30pm-8:30pm
13U2009, 2010$310$100Included$10$420.00What are the options at 13U? Click Here for more informationMon, Wed6:30pm-8:30pm
13U YEGA2009, 2010$310$100$25$10$445.00What are the options at 13U? Click Here for more informationVaries Mon-Thurs6:30pm-8:30pm
15U2007, 2008$325$100No Evaluations$10$435.00Various6:30pm-9pm
18U2004, 2005, 2006$325$100No Evaluations$10$435.00Various6:30pm-9pm
18U - 19 Year Old2004, 2005, 2006$325$100No Evaluations$10$435.00Various6:30pm-9pm

Community League Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions Relating to the following, please refer to the applicable menu:

When does the community league play begin and end?

Depending on field conditions, play begins the first week of May and runs until end of June.  

Can my athlete play on the same team as his or her friend?

The Community League Directors, who are responsible in working with the coaches to select the teams, will make every reasonable effort to respond to a maximum of 2 friend requests, but there is no guarantee that this will be possible.

Can girls play baseball and does SPMBA support all girl teams?

Girls can play baseball in SPMBA and the process for registering and tryouts is the same as for boys. SPMBA will try and field all girls teams if there is enough support.

What types of equipment do players require?

All players must provide the following mandatory safety equipment:

  • CSA Approved Batting Helmet.
  • CSA Approved Athletic Protection.

Other Required Equipment:

  • Baseball Glove.
  • Baseball Bat
  • Community League Runners are fine. Rubber or Hard Plastic Cleats (only) are optional.
  • Community League Grey Pants (Baseball pants are preferred).

Is there an evaluation or tryout process my athlete must participate in?

Community League Evaluations (9u & Up): The primary purpose of these evaluations is to attempt to provide balance in the selection of Community League teams, so that no one team is too strong or too weak.  Player chooses One of the date/time for the applicable division in the registration system.

What is a Divisional Practice?

Divisional Practices provide an opportunity for our rep teams to mentor our Community league 9U to 13U players and coaches. Divisional Practices occur in April, Team schedule will be added to Team Snap.

What if my athlete wishes to play beyond the end of June?

Fall Ball

Fall Ball is played in the month of September, games are typically played on Saturdays, practices are at the discretion of the coaches and typically during week nights. All skill levels are welcome to register. Note that you will register in the level of ball that you will play in the 2020 season. i.e. if you are a second year 9U this season, you will play 11U Fall Ball.


SPMBA also holds summer & winter camps

If I have a concern or grievance to bring forward, what is the process to follow?

SPMBA has a process to follow for concerns or grievances. Click Here for our Conflict Resolution Policy.




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