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The following are the rosters for the 2023 YEGA 13U teams.  Some players who signed up to be Pirates have been moved to the Archers to create the teams, but please remember that we are the same organization and both teams will play in both Sherwood Park and Ardrossan.  All home games will be at Sherwood Heights


If your athlete's name does not appear, they will be returned to our community league and you will get another email soon once we have completed rosters at that level.

13U YEG-A Sherwood Park Archers Black

Coach Don Laurin

Austin Kamp
Blake Soldan
Blake Wesley
Bobby Heinish
Caiden Shudra
Carson Bazan-Lindsay
Carter Stroud
Declan Breen
Kai Park
Nevin Davies
Oliver Jacek
Oliver Thompson
Sam Radchenko
Zander Laurin

13U YEG-A Sherwood Park Archers Green

Coach Darin Loucraft

Blake Como
Blake Gogerla
Caleb MacPherson
Declan Langlois
Dylan Lawrence
Healy Seibt
Hendrik Vanouwerkerk
Jackson Treasure
Jayden Shigehiro
Magnus Roze
Marshall Loucraft
Oliver Vanouwerkerk
Eastin Brady
Ryan Van Iperen

13U YEG-A Strathcona Pirates

Coach Ryan Weyland

Adam Westerlund
Brady Ondrus
Carter Dawson
Chayse Fedoriuk
Emmett Abel
Fitch Brisbin
Jasper Larson
Jeremy Daub
Kolt Elanik
Matthew Yakubow
Nash Weyland
Taylor Christensen
Will Dawson