House League 7U Rally Cap (formerly Rally Cap)

SPMBA follows Baseball Canada’s Rally Cap Program. This is an initiative to enhance players' and coaches' first experience with the game. The program helps teams teach players the five FUNdamentals of baseball in a fun and safe environment. Players have the opportunity to perform different tasks in order to earn a colored Baseball Canada Rally Cap.

7U Rally Cap Rule Book:  Click Here

7U Rally Cap Parent Handout: Click Here

Jersey Washing Instructions: Click Here

House League Coaches Package: Click Here

Program Details:

  • Season begins first week of May (weather permitting)
  • 7U Rally Cap play Tuesday and Thursday nights
  • Games begin at 6:30pm and end by 8:00pm
  • Season ends last week of June



Nils Pregitzer

Director HL 7U Rally Cap (formerly Rally Cap)