5U blast ball, 7U Rally Cap, 9U Rookie


COVID-19 Plans
SPMBA is working off of three scenarios that we believe could happen.

1. Regular baseball season - Tournament will proceed as planned.

2. Cohort play with practice breaks (in order to play many teams) - Tournament will be centered around current cohorts.

3. Cohort play with only one group (similar to this season) - No tournament

4. No baseball, full refunds minus cc fees (pay via E-Transfer to avoid cc fees) - No tournament


We are hoping for the best so are planning for a full season and will adjust if needed to one of the other scenarios.


On behalf of the Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association Community League program consisting of the Strathcona Pirates and the Sherwood Park Baseball, we would like to thank the leagues, the team sponsors, as well as the tournament volunteers.  It would not be possible to put on such a successful event without your support.

We wish all of our teams and athletes success for the tournament weekend! For some families, this will be your first tournament experience, this is a time to celebrate your player.  Tournaments provide lasting memories… Enjoy your weekend!


Washroom facilities are located in the yellow building near the rink, as well as portable facilities throughout the field.

5U (Blastball) - Saturday, May 29 (Saturday only)

Format of play: Tournament play will be similar to season play. Games will be played at the Sherwood Heights Fields on Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon.  We will deliver the swag bags for each team to the fields prior to the game start. Coaches will give the players swag bags and medals after all of the games have been played.  Schedules will be added to Team Snap and available here (coming soon)

7U Rally Cap & 9U - Friday - Sun (May 28 - May 30)

Friday May 28, 2021

7U & 9U Tournament reps will pick up their tournament “swag” from the Log Cabin on Friday night between 5:00pm - 5:30pm and 6:30pm - 7:00pm.  Using supplies in the bag, reps will make up individual player bag (there are 10 prize table tickets, 1 bike ticket and 1 free hot dog & drink ticket per player).  Cell phone numbers are preferred for prize tickets; this allows us to text winners. Completed bags are to be provided to the players.

All 9U teams will need 1 parent volunteer to work the prize table on Saturday and Sunday:

Hit Run and Throw (HRT) - This may be one of the most anticipated events of a young player’s baseball season.  It is a chance for the athletes to hit the longest, run the fastest, and throw the farthest!  It is always a rewarding experience to see your player showcase the skills they have developed over the season.

Over the last few years, this has become the event where parents become spectators, coaches sit back, and our rep players from the Sherwood Park Athletics will be on hand to lead players through the events.  Player scores at each station will be recorded, and medals will be awarded to the athletes with the highest scores each event by division.

7U Rally Cap HRT Friday 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
9U HRT Friday 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Schedules for each team have been added to team snap or can be viewed here:  Coming Soon!



Saturday, May 29 & Sunday, May 30

7U Rally Cap - this weekend will be a different format of play than what has been played throughout the season.  This weekend, we will play games with only two teams per field, more in line with “traditional” baseball. Players will have the opportunity to go to the basement of the log cabin to enter for the prize draws. Schedules will be added to Team Snap and available 

9U – tournament play will be similar to season play. Players will have the opportunity to go to the basement of the log cabin to enter for the prize draws. Schedules will be added to Team Snap and available


Prize Table (7U Rally Cap & 9U):

The basement of the Log Cabin will be set up with prize tables. Players have the opportunity to put their tickets into draws for a variety of items. Cell phone numbers are preferred for tickets; this allows us to text winners. The prize table will be supervised by parent volunteers.


Draws (7U Rally Cap & 9U):

Prize Table and Bike Winning tickets will be drawn on Sunday at 4 p.m.  Winners will be notified by text when possible.  Bike winners must present their winning ticket. Arrangements for pick of prizes after Sunday can be arranged through the division directors.


Every pro was once an amateur, every expert was once a beginner.  

So dream big and start now.