Tournament Rules

Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association

The Dave “DOC” Plotsky Memorial Tournament

July 2-4, 2021

The Dave “DOC” Plotsky Memorial Tournament (Tournament) will be governed by the current ROUND 2 portions of the Baseball Alberta 2022 Handbook and Baseball Canada Rule Book except as indicated in these Tournament Rules and Regulations.

The Baseball Alberta 2021 Handbook can be found on the Baseball Alberta Website:  (League/league forms section of the website).  The Rounds of play are explained in handbook including pitch counts (for regular season play) as well as pitcher/catcher rules and examples.

Bat regulations are governed by the Baseball Alberta Handbook.

** Please note that the 11U Division does not have Round 2.  This division is governed by the “All rounds of League Play” section.


General Tournament Guidelines

-The schedules posted on the website are official.

-Home team will be determined by a coin toss.  Teams should do this immediately after arriving at the field to allow for ample time to arrange your scorekeepers/pitch counters.

-All AA Divisions are guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games.

-All AAA Divisions are guaranteed a minimum of four (4) games.

-Teams are encouraged to warm-up outside of the diamond to allow adequate time for field maintenance. If time permits, each team can have an infield/outfield with the home team taking the field first.

-Teams are requested to be at the diamond at least thirty (30) minutes prior to every game.

-Tournament Officials reserve the right to reschedule and/or alter the length of the game to inclement weather or other matters beyond their control.

-In the event the Tournament is cancelled, the following refund policy will apply:


If no games are played, the Registration Fee less $100.00 will be refunded.

If 1 game is played, there will be no refund.

All decisions made by SPMBA, Tournament Officials or designates will be final.

SPMBA and its affiliates (Baseball Alberta, Baseball Canada) assume no responsibility or liability in regards to playing the game of baseball in this tournament. The teams and/or players participating are expected to have appropriate insurance and use accepted equipment deemed appropriate by their respective home organizations and affiliates.


Rules of Play for All Divisions


Batboys and batgirls must wear a helmet at all times.

Teams must provide their line-up card to the official scorekeeper fifteen (15) minutes prior to the game start.

Baseball Alberta Provincial League Pitch Count rules shall apply. It is the responsibility of each team to check the pitching charts and score sheets for accuracy.

A courtesy runner is permitted for the catcher when there are two (2) outs.


The length of games for:

Round robin or other designated games shall be a maximum of seven (7) innings (six (6) for 11U). A new inning must not start after two (2) hours have elapsed from the game’s official start time as recorded by the official scorekeeper or home plate umpire. 18U AAA divisions will have no new inning after 2.5 hours have elapsed.

Championship games shall be seven (7) innings (six (6) for 11U) or until a winner is declared. There is no time limit.

Mercy Rule is in effect (10 run differential when the losing team has completed their 5th offensive inning (4th for 11U).

Extra inning game procedure If the game is tied at the completion of regulation the following procedures will be implemented during extra innings:
-Each team will begin the extra inning (and any subsequent necessary extra innings) with a player on first and second, no outs. These will be the last two outs of the previous inning.
-The batting order of the extra inning or any subsequent innings will be determined by how the previous inning ended.
-The traditional system of the visiting team hitting in the top of the inning and the home team hitting in the bottom of the inning will remain in effect until a winner is determined



Standings will be determined by winning percentage. In the event of a tie, the following will apply:

If two (2) teams are tied, the result of the game between the two teams will determine who will advance.

If three (3) teams are tied, the teams are placed in order by figuring out the best defensive run ratio (runs against divided the number of defensive innings).

If a tie still remains, the team will be placed in order by figuring out the offensive run ratio (runs for divided by offensive innings).

If a tie still remains, the team will be placed using a coin toss.

The teamsnap app will automatically calculate and place teams in the correct position in the standings.


Tournament Conduct

Coaches and managers are responsible for the behavior and conduct of players, team officials and team supporters at all times both on and off the field. Abuse of officials, players, coaches and spectators will not be tolerated.

If a coach, manager or player is ejected from one (1) game, he/she will no longer be able to participate in the Tournament. Gross misconduct from any player or coach will result in ejection from the Tournament.

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