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2021 Community League Registration

Registration link can be found at the bottom of this page.

The registration process will allow members to fully register and make payment on-line.  There is also an option to register on-line and send Interac e-Transfer for payment.  Please note that no credit card fees will be refunded as per the Refund Policy.

Strathcona Pirates or Sherwood Park Archers

If you are new to baseball in Sherwood Park you may not know the difference between our 2 Community League divisions. During registration, you will have the option to choose which team you wish to play for. The Strathcona Pirates home diamonds are located in Ardrossan, meaning efforts are made during scheduling to accommodate more games and practices at the Ardrossan diamonds for these teams. The Sherwood Park Archers teams will have Sherwood Park diamonds as their primary location with the occasional game in Ardrossan throughout the season.

COVID-19 Plans

SPMBA is working off of four scenarios that we believe could happen.

1. Regular baseball season

2. Cohort play with practice breaks (in order to play many teams)

3. Cohort play with only one group (similar to this season)

4. No baseball, full refunds minus cc fees (pay via E-Transfer to avoid cc fees)

We are hoping for the best so are planning for a full season and will adjust if needed to one of the other scenarios. As we navigate through 2021, SPMBA may offer additional or alternative Community League programs in the summer (July and August).


Given the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 it is a Baseball Alberta requirement that all players (parents) have a completed INFORMED CONSENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT document signed and returned to SPMBA. There is an opportunity to complete when you register or download and sign-it from the website and email it to baseball-admin@spmba.ca.


2021 Registration Fees:


DivisionYear of BirthRegistration FeeRaffle Fundraising Fee*Capital Savings Levy**Total Due at RegistrationnotesNights of PlayTimes
5U Blast Ball2016, 2017$50$100$10$160.00Tues, Thurs5:45pm-6:45pm
7U Rally Cap2014, 2015$160$100$10$270.00Tues, Thurs6:30pm-8pm
7U Rally Cap Plus2014, 2015$230$100$10$340.00Rally Cap plus is our newest program that allows our 7U players to be on the field more often. Teams will be formed and will still play in the normal Tuesday and Thursday league, but then will have additional practices and games on Mondays. Coaches may also have optional practices above and beyond the three nights.Mon, Tues, Thurs, 6:30pm-8pm
9U Rookie 2012, 2013$235$100$10$345.00Mon, Wed6:30pm-8pm
9U Rookie Plus2012, 2013$305$100$10$415.00Rookie plus is our newest program that allows our 9U players to be on the field more often. Teams will be formed and will play in a more competitive Monday, Wednesday, Thursday league. Coaches may also have optional practices above and beyond the three nights. Mon, Wed, Thurs6:30pm-8pm
11U2010, 2011$295$100$10$405.00I am new to 11U, can you explain how it works? Scroll over here! Click Here for InformationTues, Thurs6:30pm-8:30pm
11U YEGA2010, 2011$295$100$10$405.00I am new to 11U, can you explain how it works? Scroll over here! Click Here for InformationVaries Mon-Thurs6:30pm-8:30pm
13U2008, 2009$310$100$10$420.00What are the options at 13U? Click Here for more informationMon, Wed6:30pm-8:30pm
13U YEGA2008, 2009$310$100$10$420.00What are the options at 13U? Click Here for more informationVaries Mon-Thurs6:30pm-8:30pm
15U2006, 2007$325$100$10$435.00Various6:30pm-9pm
18U2003, 2004, 2005$325$100$10$435.00Various6:30pm-9pm

Additional Notes about Fees:

*Fundraising fee of $100.00 per registrant required at Registration (recoverable via selling raffle tickets).

 Note: Raffle Tickets will be distributed by Team Raffle Ticket Volunteer on or before beginning of season.

**Capital Fields Improvement Levy Fee of $10 for Community League registrants.  This fee is being added to ensure that SPMBA is able to save for future capital field projects.

Late registrations are subject to a $75.00 late fee after April 15

What do you get?

- Assigned Ball Diamonds

- Jersey

- Team Picture

- Community League Tournament

- Equipment for each level (Balls, Bats, Bases, Tee’s & Pitching Machines (7U Rally Cap / 9U), Catcher Equipment

- Umpires (11U & Up).

- Games and practices a minimum of two nights per week.

Required Safety Equipment:

All players must provide the following mandatory safety equipment available at Sin Bin Sports.

- CSA Approved (Matte Black) Batting Helmet.
- CSA Approved Athletic Protection.

Other Required Equipment:

- Baseball Glove.

- Grey Baseball Pants

- In Community League, Runners are fine. Rubber or Hard Plastic Cleats (only) are optional.

Evaluation Schedule (9U+)

Each athlete will be required to attend one evaluation session.  This is to try and create near equal teams.  You will choose your date later.

Coming Soon   

Home Fields

Strathcona Pirates - Home fields are located in Ardrossan.

Sherwood Park Archers - Home fields are located in Sherwood Park.

Parent Volunteer positions:

* Coach:

  • Facilitate practices & games (SPMBA Technical Coordinator is available for coach training, Q & A).
  • Assign Parent Volunteers to following positions.      

* Assistant Coach:

  • Help coach as required.

* Equipment:

  • Setup & look after team equipment.

* Team Jersey volunteer:

  • Responsible for picking up the team jerseys (bin) and inspect each jersey, marking down on the provided Jersey Check Out Form any stains or deficiencies by jersey #.
  • Hand out the jerseys to each player (recommend starting with smallest jersey to smallest player).
  • Sign and return the Jersey Check Out Form to SPMBA before May 15th.
  • Ensure each parent / guardian is provided with Jersey Cleaning Instructions.
  • At the end of the season collect all of the jerseys and ensure they are washed prior to returning them to SPMBA in the bin on one of the designated drop of nights.

* Raffle Tickets Volunteer:

  • Attend Raffle Ticket Pick up Night.
  • Distribute the Tickets to the parents / players (Record Ticket Book Number in Team Snap for each player).
  • Collect completed books from parents / players as per raffle deadline.
  • Return Teams Ticket books on Return Night.

* CL Tournament Team Rep:

  • Must attend Tournament Meeting(s), communicate tournament details to team and coordinate tournament volunteers.

* CL Tournament Volunteer:

  • Help as required at tournament (Concession, Stations, Score keep etc).

* Score Keeper (9U & Up):

  • Keep score for team (training is available).

* Team Manager (11U and Up):

  • Manage off field team activities.

Fundraising Sponsorship Program (Get credit towards registration)

SPMBA has a new sponsorship program called “The Scout” Sponsorship Program.  Earn credit towards registration for your son or daughter by helping us find sponsors.  Click Here for more information.

Provincial "A" July Baseball

- Provincial "A" baseball is an after season program that allows community league players to keep playing through the end of July.  During the registration process, you will need to choose if you are playing Provincial A.  Teams will be formed at the beginning of the season and practices may begin on top of the normal community league season.  Once July starts, the teams will play in the Community "A" League and compete for a Provincial Title.

Additional Camps

Spring Break Camps

SPMBA is proud to run our spring break one-session super camps.    The camps are designed to be fun and improve baseball skills.  Register by CLICKING HERE

Summer Camps

SPMBA is proud to run our summer camps again this year.  Summer camps are ran on select weeks in July and August Monday to Thursday from 9am-3pm.  The camps are designed to be fun and improve baseball skills.  Register by CLICKING HERE

I am new to 11U, how does it work?

CLICK HERE for all the information on how 11U works

Over Under Age Exemption Process:

The registration process will only allow players to register in their applicable age division.

Extraordinary circumstances may support Over Under Age Exemption requests, therefore, SPMBA may consider on a case by case basis. If you would like to request an age exemption, please select "Yes" to Over/Under Age Exemption Request (under Step 1 Sports Info) and follow registration process (Docs & Waivers) Download Over Under Age Exemption Request Form, Fill out form & Upload Form.

Please register and sign up for evaluations for the applicable age group (CL evaluations apply to 9U (Rookie) and up only).


If athlete is 9U (Rookie) age level and requestion to play in 11U (Mostquito), please register for 9U (Rookie) and sign up for a 9U (Rookie) evaluation.

If athlete is 7U Rally Cap and requesting to play 9U (Rookie), please register for 7U Rally Cap and do not sign up for CL evaluations.


Jersey waiver process:

This waiver replaces the jersey deposit cheque process used in previous years. Although an acknowledgment of the policy is required for all registered players, the Uniform Policy does not apply to participants in the 5U program who receive T-Shirts that they can keep. Please refer to the uniform policy under General Info - Policies and Guidelines.



Pay Online with Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express - add 2.99% + $0.99)


Pay Offline - Interac e-Transfer – send full registration amount to payments@spmba.ca along with LAST NAME & REGISTRATION ID# in the memo of the e-transfer.

(pay by cheque or cash by making a special request to Josh Bishop gm@spmba.ca 

Refund Policy:

Updated refund policy for 2021 CLICK HERE


PIPA: Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association (SPMBA) does not sell, trade or otherwise share information we collect outside SPMBA however we use this information for the purpose of offering additional services related to the Association’s program. Images of your child may also be used on the SPMBA website and promotional materials. Should you choose NOT to allow this type of usage of personal information by SPMBA please select NO on the registration form.

Please note that Anyone may take photographs of players participating in a public event and is outside the control of SPMBA.


Jersey Standards
The following diagrams demonstrate the SPMBA Community League Uniform Standards




Pirates uniform standard
Archers uniform standard
Pirates 5U uniform standard
Archers 5U uniform standard

Registration is now closed.


Strathcona Pirates

Community League

Randy Keeping

VP Strathcona

Sherwood Park Archers

Community League

Greg Berger

VP Sherwood Park


Josh Bishop

General Manager

General Inquiries

Amanda McCrea

Baseball Administrator

If the program you are registering for is full, please email baseball-admin@spmba.ca to be put on a waiting list.