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Disclaimer: SPMBA does not explicitly endorse any of the following individuals, programs, companies, or teams. We do not endorse any product being sold. The views of the following social media accounts do not reflect the views of SPMBA. This list is provided as a means to connect our coaches with new ideas, drills, and resources. Some resources can and will fit into multiple categories.


We highly encourage our coaches to build a personal learning network to deepen their baseball and coaching knowledge base, broaden their toolbox of skills and drills, and refine their methods of transferring baseball knowledge to their players. Part of their responsibility is to filter this information and choose age and development-appropriate resources to use with their players. If there are any concerns with resources on this list, recommendations, or suggestions, please reach out to SPMBA’s Technical Coordinator.

Essential OrganizationsBaseball Drills/ResourcesCoaching Philosophy/PD/GrowthBaseball Lifestyle and Miscellaneous
SPMBA: @spmba1Darren Fenster: @CoachYourKidsJerry Weinstein: @JWonCATCHINGAlberta Dugout Stories: @ABDugoutStories
Baseball Alberta: @BaseballAlbertaSpring Training Drills: #STdrillsJeremy Sheetinger:
Rob Friedman:
Baseball Canada:
Kai Correa (infielding): @ThatGuy_KaiAndrew Bartman:
American Baseball Coaches’ Association (ABCA): @ABCA1945Tucker Frawley (infielding): @INFchatterBaseball Think Tank:
Flatground Pitching: @FlatgroundAppFriday Fielders: @FridayFielders or #FridayFielders
Flatground Hitting:
Jason Ochart (Hitting):
Canadian Baseball Network (CBN):
Andre Butler (Outfielding):
MLB: @MLBSteve Springer (Hitting):