Rain Out Process

  • If Strathcona County closes the diamonds - ALL GAMES/PRACTICES ARE CANCELLED.  Each coach is responsible to cancel the game/practice for their own team in Team Snap.

County Field Closure 467-5800 (after 3:00 pm) or sign up for electronic notification at:

  • If the County has not closed the diamonds but SPMBA closes Sherwood Heights Diamonds - SPMBA WILL CANCEL APPLICABLE GAMES in Team Snap.
  • If the County has not closed the diamonds:
    • The Home Team Coach is to contact the Visiting Team Coach and Practice Team Coach (for 7U Rally Cap only) to cancel the game.
    • For 11U and up Home Team Coach needs to cancel the Umpires (Heather 780-464-7366)
    • Each Coach is responsible to cancel the game/practice for their own team in Team Snap
  • If no one has been notified of a cancellation, please show up at the diamond and the Umpire (11U and up) or Coaches (5U to 9U) will determine if game is cancelled.

While playing if there is sign of lightning, the game should be stopped for coaches (if no umps present) to discuss continuing or cancelling the game. 30/30 RULE When you see lighting, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is thirty (30) seconds or less, seek proper shelter. Wait thirty (30) minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving the shelter. If you cannot see the lighting, just hearing the thunder is good back up rule.