Good afternoon everyone,

SPMBA is currently looking at several scenarios that will eventually allow us to safely return to some training if and when restrictions are lifted by Alberta Health Services and Baseball Alberta.

With yesterday’s announce by AHS about outdoor recreation restrictions being eased off somewhat we are certainly closer but not quite there for Baseball. With no equipment allowed to be shared we have one major hurdle remaining and that is with the ball itself. Once we get further direction on this we would be in a better position to return to training in a limited and restricted capacity.

In the meantime all SPMBA fields and batting cages remain closed for any use. Players and coaches are not permitted to use any of these spaces until further notice. I realize there is a strong desire to return but please be patient and adhere to this directive. Our field crews are back to work and will be monitoring the fields on a regular basis.

We will also not be issuing any equipment at this point as well. When we get the ok to return we will revisit this then.

As a parent of a player I am equally as anxious to return to some normalcy and give our athletes an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy baseball but I also realize that as a board member we need to follow guidelines provided to us so we don’t take a huge step backwards. I am asking all of you for your patience a little while longer until we get some guidelines from BA and AHS.

I will be communicating to you soon about steps the board has taken to try and mitigate the huge financial losses we have incurred in the past few months and a direction going forward.

Thank you,

Darren Anderson
SPMBA- President

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