Program Changes for 2019 are as follows:

  1. Online ordering and confirmation: this will allow you to go online, and place your order online. This will eliminate the paper order and faxing, emailing or texting it to us. If you enter your last name and you have ordered last year, the information from last year will populate the order form. Simply update the information and confirm your order, Once the order is placed, an email confirmation will be sent to you with a copy to our office. This way, you will know that the order is placed and we will be sure to have it. This will eliminate the few issues we had last year with lost orders.


Note: we are not accepting online payments with the order this year. We will try and have that available for future years. 


  1. Payments: there are some changes to the payment process this year. We have the following payment options available:
    1. E-Transfer. We are now accepting e-transfers this year. Once you order your tree, you can go to your online banking and do the payment thru e-transfer. Instructions will be included on the Order confirmation for your convenience. There will be no service charges for this payment method


    1. Cash/Cheque: as in the past, we will accept cash or cheques, either mailed to us or on day of pickup. Please remember that if paying by cash/cheque, your order is not guaranteed until we receive payment. As in the past, you can order online and mail in your payment to our address on the order confirmation. Once we receive it, we will guarantee your order


    1. Credit Card: we will still be taking credit card payments. The process for these payments has changed. If you select payment by credit card on your order, the office will generate an electronic invoice and send you a link where you can pay for it online. This way you will not have to provide your credit card information to anyone over the phone as in past years. This is being done for security reasons. 


    1. Transaction Fee’s: due to the high cost of credit card processing, we are being forced to charge a service fee for the convenience of paying by credit card. There will be a charge of $1.50 added to your order if you choose the option to pay by credit card. We apologize for this but the cost just got to large for the program to absorb it any longer. All other payments have no service fee’s.